Sunday, September 15, 2013

Post-Game 149 Thread: No Need To Panic


Well, that homestand didn't go all that well. Adrian Gonzalez hit a bases-clearing double in the fifth to give the Dodgers a 3-1 lead, but the Giants came back with a two-run Hunter Pence shot in the sixth and a solo HR by callup Brett Pill. 3-4 vs. the Diamondbacks and Giants, coming off a three-game sweep in Cincinnati--we've won only three of our last 11 games. The magic number stays stalled at four for the second straight day. Time to panic, right?

Don't panic. We've been beset by a couple more injuries than normal, the last pass through the starting rotation has been off a bit, and the bullpen has shown more vulnerability than normal. But the truth is, we haven't fielded a regular lineup for a while now (giving our starters some rest). And letting the Giants see Hunter Pence homer in all four games seems like just the trick to get San Francisco to sign him to an Aaron Rowand-like five-year deal (they really should re-up on Tim Lincecum, as well).

We've got 13 games left. Arizona has 14 left. Of those 27 outcomes, we need only four to go our way. We've got this. Rest up, Dodgers. And for those of you Dodgers resting up, make sure you're watching highlights of Adrian Gonzalez, who has been nails for us all year long. Get your fires burning.

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Steve Sax said...

12-3 Seattle, 2:10 in the 3rd

Dusty Baker said...

Weird football game. Hate the lame-ass lightning delays. How many people have ever died from being struck by lightning at an NFL game? NFL going soft.

Steve Sax said...

This Richard Sherman-Jim Harbaugh feud is pretty interesting.

Cliff Beefpile said...

Re-up on Lincecum before Colletti does.

spank said...

NFL has been going soft since they started protecting the quarterbacks. Pansy mofos.

Hideo Nomo said...

Only need two of the next four to go our way.