Thursday, October 04, 2012

Think Blue; Think Positively

This morning I'm trying to shake off the Blue funk and think about the positive things we can take away from the 2012 season. And there were plenty as follows in no particular order, save for the first three:

1) Vin is coming back
2) Guggenheim Group
3) Guggenheim Group
4) AJ Ellis and #AJ2KC
5) SoSG Fest III
6) Gangnam Style meme
7) SoSG readers, both new and old
8) El Mariachi Loco at first for years to come
9) Josh Beckett coming in for reinforcements down the stretch
10) This HAS to be the last we see of Urine, right?
11) Cool-a-Coos are back!
12) Shane Victorino getting in fights on our behalf, not against us
13) Ten-dollar parking
14) Cruuuuuuuuuuuuuz!
15) Seven games better than last year; exciting late-season Wild Card chase
16) What payroll budget?
17) Attendance up
18) Stan Kasten's vision
19) #ISeeYou
20) Guggenheim Group

I'm sure there are plenty more. What say you?


Pistol Pete Reiser said...

No McCourt, Frank or Jamie.
Fewer lawyers.
The bitter taste of this year's disappointment to spur the competitiveness of our very talented lineup as a call to action for next year and many years to come.
We sent the Giants* into the postseason on a loss.

rbnlaw said...

2 years for Victorino!

(joking. . .kind of) Crawford too much of a ?

Wicks said...

Next year will be better because what hurt us this year was our record vs the NL West (35-37) while those who shall be un-named up north were 45-27. We had a winning record versus everyother division.

rbnlaw said...

I hate the NL West as much as I hate the Illinois Nazis!


Paul said...

Neeebs put his clothes back on.