Saturday, October 06, 2012

Adrian Gonzalez Looks to Next Season

Good insight on A-Gon's approach thanks to Dylan Hernandez:
Adrian Gonzalez will start his off-season conditioning program in a couple of weeks in his hometown of San Diego. But the Dodgers' new first baseman won't touch a bat for a while.

"I'll definitely take time off hitting-wise to let all those bad habits get away from me," he said. "If I start hitting too soon, they'll never go away."

He chuckled.

"Start off fresh," he said. "Do it slow, and do it right."

"Slow and low, that is the tempo." - Stan Kasten Gives Hitting Advice to Gonzalez

Gonzalez went on to say he was pressing too hard (cc: Matt Kemp). I blame it all on that home run he hit on his first at bat. But he knows where he needs to go, and I expect a great 2013 from him.

Most important, A-Gon feels right in LA:
He wasn't surprised by how he took to the city. When he was in high school, he often came up from his hometown of San Diego to play in tournaments in the Los Angeles area.

"We would get in the car with my friends and drive around all of L.A.," he said. "I know the streets. I know how to get here and there. I know where the taco stands are at night."
If there is ever any question of where the taco trucks are, he could always check with Juan Uribe.

Gonzalez also talked about both his commitment to the greater LA-area community and his desire to step up and be a clubhouse leader.

Nothing to hate about any of that. Here's to a successful 2013 season, A-Gon. Stay away from the batting cage for awhile, then jump back in.