Tuesday, October 30, 2012

No One Cares About The Giants

Honestly, I found the Giants' run so nauseating (albeit incredible, to be fair) that I couldn't watch the 2012 World Series. Turns out, neither could anyone else:

The San Francisco Giants' sweep of the Detroit Tigers set a record low for the World Series' television ratings.

The four games on Fox averaged a 7.6 rating and 12 share, Nielsen Media Research said Monday. The previous low was an 8.4 for the 2008 Philadelphia Phillies-Tampa Bay Rays and 2010 Giants-Texas Rangers series, which each went five games.

Last year's St. Louis Cardinals-Rangers World Series went seven games and built momentum to average a 10.0/16.

The Giants' 2-0 win in Game 3 on Saturday earned a 6.1/11, and their 4-3, 10-inning victory in the clincher Sunday drew an 8.9/14. Ratings represent the percentage of all homes with TVs tuned into a program. Shares represent the percentage watching among all homes with TVs in use at the time.

So the Giants own the two worst-rated World Series in history. Let that settle in.

Let's put those ratings into daily perspective.

I'm guessing MLB is alarmed by the low ratings, which are strongly correlated with the Giants' presence. People don't want to watch cheaters from a small-market town, it's as simple as that.

And it's not the Tigers' fault. The Tigers drew a 10.1 average rating when they lost to the Cardinals in 2006. And in 1984 when they last won, they drew a 22.9.

The Dodgers' 1988 win drew a 23.9 rating, fifth-highest of all-time.