Wednesday, October 31, 2012

SoSG Scribes The Dodgers' 2012 Concession Speech

Lost among all the vomiting this postseason was the fact that your very own Sons of Steve Garvey scribed the Dodgers' 2012 concession speech over at Yahoo! Sports' Big League Stew. It's a long piece, but here's the (unburied) lede:

My fellow Dodger fans:

It is with heavy heart that we, the Sons of Steve Garvey, formally concede our team's candidacy for 2012 World Series champion. This season was quite a roller coaster, with plenty of insane highs and ridiculous lows involved.

But what started out with some shocking surprises (Magic Johnson is buying the Dodgers?!) and some extremely positive momentum (best record in baseball through June 19) suddenly gave way to a quick downward spiral (a plague of injuries, most notably to franchise foundation Matt Kemp), and not even the late presence of a potent "final five" (Hanley Ramirez, Joe Blanton, Shane Victorino, Adrian Gonzalez, and Josh Beckett) could abate a dirge through the second half of the run (an impotent offense through most of August and September dropped us from the division lead to 11 games back), which finally culminated with a "what the heck just happened there?" surprise (winning eight of our last 10 games of the season).

Come to think of it, the Dodgers' 2012 plotline almost directly follows the story arc of the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica series (and I still can't get over the Kara-Thrace-suddenly-disappears-in-a-poof-of-smoke thing, but that's another story altogether)...

Enjoy, and thanks again to Kevin Kaduk for giving us the soapbox.

So say we all.

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Dusty Baker said...

Did the World Series start yet?

Hideo Nomo said...

It was canceled this year, due to lack of interest.

spank said...

Did someone say concession? I'll have a dodger dog and a beer.

Dusty Baker said...

*drinks Kool Aid*

rbnlaw said...

When did the season end?