Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Kershaw Won't Need Surgery for Hip

Per Dylan Hernandez at LA Times, Kershaw has made sufficient progress rehabbing his hip through a combination of an injection, therapy, and TLC from Sue Falsone that he won't require offseason surgery, which would have put him out for the first month of the 2013 season.


Image: These folks


Fred's Brim said...

that's good news. I read somewhere Matty is going in for surgery to fix up his shoulder. These things scare me. I really hope he can bounce back and not devolve into a Hanley-esque hitter

Dusty Baker said...

Word on Matty is that they're going in Friday. If cleanup is all that's needed, it's 4 -6 weeks of rehab and all good. If serious labrum repair is needed, close to four months needed. Still puts him back on track to be ready come spring.