Friday, April 06, 2012

Vin Scully, on Opening Day Mishaps

Vin Scully, from yesterday's game:

We are happy to say the pre-game ceremonies went off without a hitch. We bring that up because this is an anniversary of one of the most embarrassing moments, I think, in all of opening days for the major leagues.

The one-one pitch, swung on and missed, one and two.

Naturally, it involved the Dodgers, and naturally, it involved Ebbets Field in Brooklyn. Opening day in 1913. And they had a large band on the field. They all marched out to center field for the raising of the colors.

One ball and two strikes to Rivera, here comes Volquez and a high bouncer towards third, tough play for Headley, but he guns and gets him on that high hopper! Two down.

So the entire big band marched out to center field, all the players marched out to center field. All the city officials and the borough officials marched out to center field. And the owners of the Dodgers in center field for the raising of the flag.

And someone said, Okay, raise the flag.

And someone else said, What flag?

And he said, I thought you brought it.

No, I thought you—

So they had opening day in Ebbets Field, waiting for the colors, and the colors weren't there.

That I think is what you would call a rather embarrassing day, but it just adds to the history of the Dodgers.

With two down, James Loney at the plate....


Dusty Baker said...

Vinny, you've got the cure for what ails us.

QuadSevens said...

Great story.

spank said...

Love dem Bums.