Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Best. Week. Ever.

Thanks to SoSG stalwart ubragg for this post on his blog (referenced yesterday here), in which he researched LA sports teams records to figure out that last week's 13-0 combined run for the Dodgers, Lakers, and Kings was the best week ever:

Earlier this week I posted about a Kings/Lakers/Dodgers trifecta on Wednesday. Well, it is actually much better than that - my three teams actually went 13-0 for the whole week from Monday to Sunday, with three trifecta days!

The Dodgers were 6-0 to surge to the best record in the majors, the Lakers were 4-0 games without Kobe in the lineup to hold on to their #3 playoff position, and the Kings have jumped out to a 3-0 series lead on the #1 Canucks (believe it or not, their first 3-0 playoff series lead ever!).

I decided to do some research to see if this was the best week ever for LA sports (I don't count the Clippers or Angels, sorry). With some help from the great data available at and some python scripting, I was able to find the answer.

As I expected, this was in fact historically the best week ever for the three teams in which all were active in regular or postseason. I started with the Kings first season of 1967-1968, since before that it was just Dodgers and Lakers.

Here are the top 5 weeks ever:

  • 1) 4/9/2012: 13-0 (1.000) LAD 6-0, LAL 4-0, LAK 3-0
  • 2) 4/22/2002: 10-2 (.833) LAD 5-1, LAL 2-0, LAK 3-1
  • 3) 4/23/2001: 9-2 (.818) LAD 5-1, LAL 2-0, LAK 2-1
  • 4) 4/7/1997: 9-3 (.750) LAD 4-1, LAL 3-1, LAK 2-1
  • 5) 5/7/2001: 8-3 (.727) LAD 5-2, LAL 3-0, LAK 0-1

Ubragg has more research...go take a look!


Steve Sax said...

and of course, the Dodgers and Lakers lose last night

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

Stay positive, Sax!

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...
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Johnny Blanchard said...

I keep having 2005 flashbacks. For the love of God, please, no!

Jason said...

Ubragg neglected to note that the worst week (4/27/1992) was the same week as the LA riots.

ubragg said...

Thanks for the post, Sax! I hope that I didn't jinx all three teams, though.

ubragg said...

Good point, Jason. I was wondering why the Dodgers only played 3 games that week.