Monday, April 30, 2012

PCS Season V: Initial Rankings

Here it is, the first ranking of the year! Ubragg is right there in his familiar spot atop the leader board, with last year's Rookie of the Year BCCSweet and the former commish within striking distance. For those who fell into the also-ran bracket, remember this: The 3 Puzzles and 300 potential points up for grabs in the next 4 weeks can make up a lot of ground in the standings, and very quickly.

(100 possible points)
Puzzler PCS
Tour Points
1 n/a Ubragg 100
T-2 n/a BCCSweet 50
T-2 n/a Eric Karros 50
T-4 n/a MLASC 10
T-4 n/a Spank 10
T-4 n/a QuadSevens 10
T-4 n/a Alex 10
T-4 n/a SteveK 10

Next puzzle: Thursday, May 3, 7:00am!


Alex said...

Participant Ribbon!

Franklin Stubbs said...

Ah, the PCS paradox!

Good puzzles must be:

A) Accessible.
B) Challenging to the big-brain set.

I'm wrestling with that on this week's edition, as well.

Steve K said...

I don't think there's much opportunity to make up ground when you're talking about Ubragg, BCCSweet, and EK!

Jason said...

Looks like last week was a really bad week to get completely slammed at work.

Good thing I'm back on the glue sniffing schedule this week.

Franklin Stubbs said...

Don't let the flashy accolades and throngs of adoring fans fool you, Steve K. PCS champions are still human.

Eric Karros said...

Top 5 signs it's gonna be a tough puzzle season:

1) PCS's Undisputed #2 All-Time Puzzler is in charge.
2) #1 All-Time UBragg didn't solve the intro puzzle until Hint #3.
3) Of said intro puzzle for which UBragg required 3 hints, Stubbs commented "didn't think this one would be a stumper."
4) Hint #3 was really Hints #3 and #4
5) Berko got a color printer, read up on pop culture, and STILL couldn't solve it.

Franklin Stubbs said...

Well, I think I should have left the brackets in from the very beginning. I think it would have fallen pretty quickly in that case.

Dusty Baker said...

Pop culture was always my nemesis.

Who was that foreign chippy, Axelle something or ever? I was pissed off about that puzzle for weeks.

Until the soothing sounds of cartoon bear porn calmed me down, of course.