Tuesday, April 24, 2012

SoSG Glossary: Oh My God, Why Don't You Start Another Blog

Based on one of yesterday's posts, I figure it's time for another entry to the SoSG Glossary. Whoo hoo!

Back in 2009, the Giants had this horrible pitcher named Merkin Valdez. In three years of service, he gave the Giants an ERA+ of 84 / ERA of 5.24. He was awful. But more importantly, he had a name that was ripe for "plucking" (so to speak).

So when the Giants finally shipped Valdez off to Toronto (for cash), it was only fair that we gave ol' Merkin one more run at the obvious pun:

There really isn't much to this news, that Valdez was let go to make room for Aubrey Huff.

But I couldn't resist the headline! (No picture, though.)

Which of course stoked the ire of SoSG commenter "Dodger Heaven", who wrote:

Dodger Heaven said...

Oh my God, why don't you start a Giants blog and report their news on that blog.

1/14/2010 12:43 PM

Now, you had to go back five or six posts to find the next prior Giants reference. Granted, it was only two days prior, but shit, man, it's the off-season! News is hard to come by! Let it go!

But of course, we couldn't, beating the dead horse further.

Other readers joined in (really, more than one!). (No, really.) Echoes even existed in the same chorus.

And it even spread beyond SoSG.

With all this pub, one might ask: Is this a true internet meme? Some might say, yes. We're more humble, of course. And we're too busy starting other blogs to really perpetuate this further.


Fred's Brim said...

I'll take it

Dusty Baker said...

Excellent and accurate capture of this international meme! I'd actually just been thinking about it the other day, ever eager to flog a now dead and desiccated horse corpse.

Franklin Stubbs said...

Oh my God, why don't you start a blog about staring a blog and report news on starting blogs on that blog?

MR.F said...

Oh my God, why don't you start an internet meme blog and post new internet memes on that blog?

Fred's Brim said...

I want to start a horse corpse blog

Dusty Baker said...

I'm pretty sure some Goth kids in Germany have already moved forward with that idea, FB.

Hideo Nomo said...

Horse Corpse tore it up at Bonnaroo last year.

Steve Sax said...

Oh my god, why don't you guys just start a horse corpse blog and post those comments on that blog.

Dusty Baker said...

That's a good idea for next April Fool's Day.

Steve Sax said...

hey, jimbo!

spank said...


After this years April Fools Day,anything will be an improvement.