Friday, April 06, 2012

Dodgers/Angeles Pre-Season: A Look Back at the...


Unless you base Tuesday night's game on little things like attendance:

Or speed of concession lines.

Which was blamed by one anonymous concession worker on an "inexperienced staff" and a "new, complicated register."

But the game was not without its joys. Nice to see the Dodgers win, even if Kemp was making sure the top deck got a strong breeze from his bat.

I got to enjoy the game with DelinO 2.O, despite his fear of Ervin Santana's jumobtoron picture.

Nomo and I caught up on the joys of buying Dodgers chachkees for the kids.

Sax visited my plebeian Loge seats, with extra beer for me in hand.

All in all, a fantastic night, made possible by's best deal since discounted Lasic.