Thursday, February 05, 2009

Caption Contest

As part of the Dodgers' Community Caravan, a group of past and present Dodgers taped an episode of "The Price Is Right" yesterday. The episode will appear March 18.

Caption what host Drew Carey is saying as "Sweet Lou" Johnson, Russell Martin and Mark Loretta take the game show stage. (Difficulty level: no Happy Gilmore.)

"And now please welcome Sweet Lou, Yoga Boy and Don't Call Me Loretta Lynn!"

photo by Amber Matsumoto/Dodgers


Eric Karros said...

"I can't believe what they're making us do to build up that damn Manny fund"

Steve Sax said...

And the first item up for bid is...Manny Ramirez!

(And Frank McCourt runs out on stage and takes away the players' opportunity to bid.)

Wesley Vento said...

Our first Showcase is two starting pitchers, a 40 homerun hitter and a lefty bullpen pitcher.

Showcase number two is the most prolific right handed hitter in baseball history.

Either one can be had if The Price is Right.

Neeebs (The Original) said...

"What the hell is Mark Loretta doing here? He's been a Dodger for what, like five minutes."

Unknown said...

Ummmm. Dodgers to attend The Price is Right:

D. Young

and Dodger greats:
Sweet Lou

Can I ask, how many out-of-towners attending the taping of TPIR do you think recognized a SINGLE DODGER on stage?