Monday, February 09, 2009

MLB Network... or the STEROID CHANNEL?

Over the weekend, my DVR decided to spend some time with the new MLB Network. Unlike other sport specialty channels, I have this one without giving those DirectTV schnuras more of my money. I was looking forward to watching the Joe Torre interview, and some classic strikeout heavy games. But instead, I got WALL-TO-WALL STEROIDS (and one mullet, courtesy of Old School Randy Johnson).

I'm no stranger to steroids. (For our astute readers, my first post for SoSG tackled this subject head on) In fact, last fall I had to take some ROIDS for an ear infection - it made me moody, irrational, and capable of hitting a softball past the infield!

So, I tried DVR'ing the Joe Torre interview with Bob Costas three times. All three times, it was the same special report on the Rod and the Roids. (And the schedule gaffes didn't end there: almost every classic strikeout game in the listings wound up being a different game). I missed Steroid-suspect Clemens's 20 strikeout game, and instead caught a classic A's vs. Mariners battle from the mid-90s. It was like the Who's Who of Drugs, featuring McGwire (who LITERALLY hit one ball to the moon), A-Rod, Canseco, and Jason Giambi. See lineup below.

Hopefully some day, the game is steroid free. But in the interim, I wouldn't mind a little baseball on the baseball network. (Editor's Note: As I'm writing this, Brian McNamee is about to appear on Howard Stern. No escape)