Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Andre Ethier Settles; Kim Ng Retracts Adamantium Claws

From Diamond Leung:

Dodgers settle with Ethier

The Dodgers have settled with Andre Ethier on a one-year, $3.1 million contract plus $100,000 in incentives. Ethier would get $25,000 each for 596 (his total last year) and 625 plate appearances, and $50,000 for 650 plate appearances. The two sides delayed the scheduled arbitration hearing today by 45 minutes so they could get the deal done.

"Neither side is probably tremendously happy with it, which is the clear mark of a successful agreement," General Manager Ned Colletti said.

From Tony Jackson:

Andre Ethier reacts to his settlement

He showed up in a suit, as did Ned Colletti. Everybody got all dressed up for nothing. But Andre admitted to being relieved.

"I guess the process is over. It was a little frustrating, the fact I think there could have been a result a little bit earlier. I think it took putting on suits and calling each other's bluff."

Ethier said the sides actually got to the point of sitting across from each other at a table in the hearing room before they went out again to the hallway and came up with the agreement.

"Why wouldn't I be (satisfied)?" he said. "Being a two-plus player and being in my first year of arbitration, it's a pretty big accomplishment, and it's a great stepping stone for years to come."

While arbitration master Kim Ng may be disappointed at not being able to flex her muscles, it's still one more hurdle cleared for the Dodgers. Now let's get to work on that big fish!

(And sorry ladies, no pictures of Andre in his suit.)


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Alex Cora said...

Why are we "locking up" these young guys for only 1 year - Either and Martin? Why not at least give them 2 to 3 and see how the do with some insurance from the club. Or are we going to have to go through this again and again in the years to come...

Orel said...

These one-year deals don't preclude multi-year agreements from being made later on. Locking up Martin would be a great start.

Brandon said...

I wonder how many hours Kim Ng spent working on the arbitration case.


Orel said...

I wonder how many baseball fans know the primary negotiating specialty of their favorite team's Vice President.

MR.F said...

OMG Street Fighter IV is nerdvana.

Orel said...

Really? How is it not just SFII with better graphics?

MR.F said...

The gameplay is definitely different. It maintains the pace and relative accessibility of SF2 (unlike SF3 and its parry system) while still being deeper and having more stuff. It may not necessarily be a better game but it's a lot of fun and really is the second coming of SF2.