Monday, February 23, 2009

There's a New Lasorda in Town

I'd post some choice Lasorda quotes here, but we try to keep SoSG S.F.W.


Alex Cora said...

That was great! Even to other press people were mad at that dude. Ranked up there with Mora (PLAYOFFS?) and Dennis Green (We let them off the hook!!!).

Orel said...

And Iverson: "Practice?"

Also: Merry &$*%!#@ Christmas, Dave Kingman (SoSG) (NSFW language)

Brandon said...

The Bevacqua tirade was the best. Starts at :37 mark.

The rant of Kingman's performance is great too. Starts at the 1:22 mark.


Steve Sax said...

For all of Calhoun's bravado, it is he who doesn't have the facts. From the New York Times (which by the way also contrasts Calhoun's bombast with our own Randy Wolf's humility:

Update: Andy Thibault, over at the website The Cool Justice Report, says that according to forms send by the University of Connecticut to the Department of Education, last season the men’s basketball team generated $7.3 million in revenue, not the $12 million he claimed. (This, of course, after telling Mr. Krayeske to come back after “you get your facts straight.”) And get this: it spent $6.1 million. Which means that the team’s actual profit last year was $1.2 million. That’s less than Mr. Calhoun’s salary!