Thursday, February 12, 2009

Things We Won't See At Dodger Stadium Next Year

Besides Manny, that is...

From ESPN the magazine's recent Fan Issue (no link):

Best Ballpark Concessions Trend: $1 Menu

It's nearly impossible to find grub that costs less than a five-spot at a game. But Delaware North Companies Sportservice, which provides fare for 19 pro stadiums, is rolling out a dollar menu for MLB clients this spring. "A family can come to the ballpark and enjoy their experience on a fixed budget," says DNCS president Rick Abramson. The menu items may not surprise--mini hot dogs, chicken tenders and small beverages--but the price sure is tasty."

Bravo, Mr. Abramson. Too bad Frank won't take your phone call, but hey, he won't take Scott Boras' calls either!


Jimbo said...

"Besides Manny, that is..."