Friday, February 06, 2009

Return Of The Wolf

The thing about those lycanthropes is, they never really die. They keep coming back!

Ken Robothal reports that Randy Wolf is close to a deal with the Dodgers; Wolf is coming off a 6-2 record with the Astros late last year. Wolf started 2008 on the Padres, and was traded to the Astros mid-season. He pitched for the Dodgers in 2007 and went 9-6 with a 4.73 ERA before hitting the DL in July.

The Dodgers are on the verge of an agreement with free-agent left-hander Randy Wolf, according to major league sources.

The deal is expected to be in the $5.5 million range and also will include incentives.

Four spots down, one more to fill!


Orel said...

This was just an excuse to post a cool werewolf picture. Well done.

Eric Karros said...

"Bills and Randy and Pray for Manny"?

Tim Rogers said...

For some reason I'm not jumping for joy. No more than a 5th starter in my book. I'd even be happier if it were Pedro because there is a possible upside.

Brandon said...

"Bills and The Goatee then wait and see"

Steve Sax said...

I'm with Tim. It's nice to have someone there as a fourth starter, but I still put Randy below Lowe and Penny, and maybe at Maddux levels. Not an exciting move, but a nourishing one. Sort of like adding corn flakes to your grocery cart.

In my mind, it's still "Minotaur, Hiro, and Thighs and two other guys."

Eric Stephen said...

I can't wait to write later this year that Wolf is in the "Twilight" of his career.