Thursday, February 12, 2009

Today Tommy's Tour Takes the I-10

From a Dodgers' press release:

Join Tommy on His Tour Bus as He Reports for His 60th Spring Training With the Dodgers

In an effort to show Angelenos how easy it is to get from Southern California to Glendale, Arizona, Special Advisor to the Chairman Tommy Lasorda will take a tour bus [10 a.m. today] from Dodger Stadium to the Dodgers’ new Spring Training home, Camelback Ranch - Glendale. Traveling with Tommy will be local media and selected Dodger sponsors.

The tour bus will make two stops: the first at a 76 for gas and the second at Carl’s Jr. for lunch.

...where Tommy will order more than six dollars' worth of Six Dollar Burgers.

So apparently the general public needs to be convinced that road trips are easy. Out of curiosity, I Mapquested Dodger Stadium to Camelback Ranch. And those directions make directions to Vegas look like the Necronomicon in comparison. Here's all you need to know:

Keep LEFT to take I-10 E toward SAN BERNARDINO (Crossing into ARIZONA)...358.4 mi

It's a four-hundred-mile straight shot! Five-and-a-half hours of pedal to the metal! Listen, I'm convinced. Spare Tommy the Madden Cruiser experience. Better yet, organize tour buses for fans. Have a different Dodger personality host each trip. Are you listening, marketing department?


Steve Sax said...

Better yet, we should be waiting for Tommy at the Carl's Jr, with a SoSG bib.

Orel said...

But didn't we give that away as a PCS prize?

QuadSevens said...

There's a bib!?!? I must own it!

Neeebs (The Original) said...

I burned the magic gloves after the Philly playoff debacle.

I can you a Magic Bib.