Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Birthday, Big League Stew!

We're fans of duck stew.

Wait—that doesn't sound right.

We're fans of 'Duk's "Stew."

Okay, that's confusing.

We're fans of Kevin Kaduk's Big League Stew.


Big League Stew is Yahoo! Sports' official baseball blog, and Kevin " 'Duk" Kaduk (say that five times fast!) is its editor. 'Duk is a Chicago fan (favoring the Cubs, I think), but all teams get attention at the Stew. With help from a staff of contributors, 'Duk updates regularly, keeping matters light but topical. In short, Big League Stew is a daily read.

And now 'Duk's baby is one year old! Congrats to everyone at BLS. It's nice to know that even as the sport of baseball seems to be sliding into the gutter, there are sites run by true fans of the game that will continue to celebrate it, warts and all. Here's to many more years of entertaining reading at BLS.

On a related note, BLS is starting a comic feature. The first entry seems appropriate for us Dodger fans: