Monday, June 04, 2007

AvB 9: Abes Strike Back

It's easy to see why casual fans often confuse Detroit outfielder Craig Monroe with Hollywood starlet Winona Ryder: they've both been busted for shoplifting, they've both had short-lived success with pirates (Ryder's engagement to Johnny Depp fizzled in 1997; Monroe bats 0.400 vs Pittsburgh - in 2 career games), and neither can hit right-handed pitching worth crap. However, when it comes to AvB Player of the Week hardware, there is no confusion - Craig Monroe: 2, Winona Ryder: 0.

Monroe notched his 2nd award by hitting 0.333 with 3HR's and lifting the Abes to a big win in Week 9. While the Abes still trail the Babes overall, solid weeks by several Abes on both sides of the ball (hitters Monroe, Kelly Johnson, Conor Jackson, and pitchers Randy Johnson, Dave Bush, and Joe Kennedy all had strong weeks. And what about Edwin Jackson, you ask? 6ER in 3.1IP - i.e., still sucks) have given Abes Nation hope for the coming weeks.

Week 9 Only:
The Abes The Babes
Avg 0.264 0.230
Runs 20 11
HRs 5 3
RBIs 25 20
SBs 0 0
ERA 2.95 4.00
Wins 1 2
Saves 0 0
Ks 33 33
Total 5 1
The Abes The Babes
Avg 0.252 0.265
Runs 207 175
HRs 31 35
RBIs 170 175
SBs 14 28
ERA 4.54 3.88
Wins 7 15
Saves 0 0
Ks 207 255
Total 1 7

Overall, the Abes trail the Babes in Weeks Won 6-2-1.


Orel said...

Great line about Craig Monroe and Winona Ryder. Although we don't know for sure Winona can't hit right-handers.

Steve Sax said...

Tom Ryder wasn't all that good in 1884 either, but the Abes could probably use his sevn hits and one double somewhere.

Eric Karros said...

Tom and Winona combined had only 28 career MLB at-bats. Supports my theory that Ryders have never been given a fair shot in the majors because they're too hard to control.