Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Jason Schmidt Continues Proud Dodger Tradition of Overpaid Pitching Blowouts

From Tony Jackson:

Schmidt done for the year

Jason Schmidt had a torn labrum, scarring of the bursa and a frayed biceps tendon. He won't throw for three or four months, but they're hopeful he'll be ready by the start of spring training. At first glance, this would appear to be devastating news. But as GM Ned Colletti correctly pointed out in the most relevant quote of the day, "With all due respect, he wasn't throwing well. It's not as if he were on the way to a Cy Young season and suddenly you lose him."

From Diamond Leung:

Schmidt done for the year

Jason Schmidt underwent season-ending surgery in Los Angeles today, and it wasn't just the bursa that needed to be cleaned up. Schmidt also learned that his labrum was completely detached and needed to be repaired. Furthermore, his biceps tendon was frayed and needed repairing.

Schmidt won't be able to throw a ball for three to four months. The hope is he will be ready to go by spring training.


Steve Sax said...

Orel, you beat me to the punch with the headline. Dreifort, Kevin wouldn't be the Dodgers if we didn't have a well-paid pitcher sitting on the sidelines.

Colletti is ultimately responsible, but isn't Conte to blame as well?

Rob said...

Both of them should have known or suspected that Schmidt was going to have trouble. In fact, they did, or at least, Colletti did: by giving Schmidt fewer years and more money, he covered the Dodgers' ... risk by limiting the number of years Schmidt could be a roster liability. Dreifort was on a five-year deal if I remember right, and Brown's was a six- or seven-year deal. The Dodgers can afford the dough (maybe not so much with the McCourts running things, but who knows), but the years are more problematic.