Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Holds of Glory: Broxton Chases History

When Jonathan Broxton briefly assumed the Dodgers' closer role earlier this season, he was such an enormous bust that even Dolly Parton was jealous. But bringing Saitoback meant more than just save-situation stability - it meant Broxton could continue his quest to become the All-Time Single-Season Holds King.

After notching his 16th hold last night against the Mets, Broxton is not only leading the lead in the ultimate Glamour-Stat, but he's also on pace to break Tom Gordon's mythical 36-hold season - a record that has been matched only once since it was set in 2004. By comparison, Babe Ruth (also known as 'The Tom Gordon of Home Runs') has seen his 60-home run season surpassed seven times by three players* since it was set.

So if you're looking for a meaningful pursuit of history this season, look no further. And if you see this car pulling into the Dodger lot, be sure to tap on the window and wish J-Bro luck (yes, for some reason he has Pennsylvania plates). Immortality awaits.

(*those three players were Roger Maris, the Cream and the Clear.)


Steve Sax said...

"Saitoback"? "Take it to the bridge!"

Great and well-researched post, Timbaland!

Orel said...

"Chicks dig holds": The new SoSG motto?

Rob said...

Hold chicks, dig?


Rob said...

Scot Shields and Derrick Turnbow with 17 throw down the gauntlet! It's a chase to the death, or something!