Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Dodger Outfielder Mentioned for Statistical Fluke (Part 2)

One day after finding out about another Juan Pierre statistical mention (a five-hit day in which he outhit the rest of his team), I found this from The Washington Post (published on 6/23; no link due to registration issues). With Miguel Tejada's recent trip to the DL, ending Tejada's streak of consecutive games played at 1,152, Juan Pierre is now the active leader:

Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Juan Pierre is now baseball's active leader, having played in 345 straight games, including last night's [this streak is now at 348 as of this morning]. To match Tejada's streak, he would have to play every game until 92 games into the 2012 season. To match Ripken's, he would have to play until the middle of the 2021 season; Pierre would be 44.

Is this possible, that Pierre is the active leader? I can't seem to find any more backup on this, but it seems rather remarkable given the lonlg list of issues oft cited on Pierre both offensively and defensively. Wow.