Monday, June 25, 2007

Tell Me That's Not Epic

Mets' Lo Duca suspended, fined for epic tirade (

AP photo/Ed Betz


Steve Sax said...

Buried deep in the article is this gem: [Manager Willie] Randolph later said that reserve infielder Jose Valentin would have been the emergency catcher if [backup catcher Ramon] Castro had to leave.

With Valentin's knees, that would have been classic stuff.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Paulie was either doing a move from Thriller, or summoning the Powers of Darkness to levitate his equipment.

Steve Sax said...

TD: And now MLB continues Lo Duca's magic act, by making him disappear.

I tell you, when Lo Duca was a Dodger, he never had these issues. I blame the Mets.

Orel said...

I blame jailbait.