Monday, June 25, 2007

I Have a Bad Feeling About This

From Inside the Dodgers: interesting piece of news coming shortly. Hate to leave you hanging like that, but stay tuned.

UPDATE, 4.49p:

From ItD:

As promised, here's a little more info. Grady just let the beat writers and other media know that Nomar is going to start taking some ground balls and working out at third base in the next few days, as there's a chance he'll start playing there. And as you can imagine, Nomar seems totally fine with it. He played there with the Cubs briefly and a little in high school and I truly believe him when he says "whatever's best for the team."

Phew! Whaddaya know, some good(ish) news for once. PHASE II of the FREE JAMES LONEY campaign commences!


Steve Sax said...

Hallelujah. This deserves a better headline... too bad for Wilson B!

Damon said...

You mean Wilson (backward)K right?

Damon said...

Hopefully Abreau gets more time at 2nd. Unless they're thinking about moving him down for some relief comming off of the DL

Orel said...

Don't forget, 550 PA's for Jeff Kent and his 2008 option kicks in.

tad swifty said...

I so thought you'd have a new englandish headline for this news.

If ya wanna borrow mine go ahead at