Saturday, June 30, 2007

Tall Pitcher Karma Theory Still Going Strong

When we first reported on the Tall Pitcher Karma Theory, it was a little-known concept familiar only amongst SoSGers, sabermetric geeks, and people who use words like 'amongst'. But, as anyone who read the minutes of last week's Fed meeting knows, the theory has since gone mainstream. Almost a month later, the results on the field continue to lend support to the theory's validity:

April 2 - May 4: The Karma starts the season with Hendrickson. Randy Johnson spends opening day on the DL, then promptly gives up 13 earned runs in his first 3 starts after coming off it. Meanwhile, Hendrickson holds opponents to 0 or 1 earned runs in each of his first 6 outings.

May 5 - June 10: Unit swipes the Karma from Lurch. Johnson goes 4-0 over his next 6 starts. Meanwhile, Lurch starts sucking, as I'm sure you all remember.

June 11 - present: Karma back to Lurch. Johnson returns to the DL on June 11 with a torn unit, and upon his return, he again gets hit hard (by the Dodgers!). In the meantime, Hendrickson has quietly held opponents to 0 or 1 earned runs in each of his last 6 outings.

If you weren't initially a believer in the theory, don't be ashamed - after all, people once thought Columbus' round earth theory was crazytalk. But keep an eye on Unit's next start, scheduled for Monday vs St Louis, and hope for a shelling.


Orel said...

I can't hear you amongst all the crazytalk!

Orel said...

I just noticed that Scientific American has exclusive Paris photos. Sweet!

Anonymous said...

What chris young and jon rauch?