Monday, June 04, 2007

Boffo vs. Da Bums Week Five - Dog Days of Summer?

Three movies poised to make $300 million by the first day of summer (aka the Birth of the Delino Day), and those non-Dodgers fans in Los Angeles (aka Hollywood) are ready to head for the still-charred hills. The word is out - make a mediocre movie, and you might not recoup a $300 million budget... but you'll still beat a solid Bums weekend. Dodgers take two of three against one set of Pirates, yet lose the box office booty to another.

Weekend Top movie Wkend gross ($MM) Dodgers’ runs scored Runs x 3.5 multiplier Wkend winner
May 4-6 SpiderMan3 $148.0 0,4,6 (10) $35.5 Spidey
May 11-13 SpiderMan3 $60 2,7,10 (19) $66.5 Dodgers
May 18-20 Shrek3 $122 1,2,1 (4) $14 Shrek
May 25* Pirates3 *$43 9,2,2(13) $45.5 *Dodgers
June1-3 Pirates3 $43 5,1,5(11) $39.5 Pirates

Nestled in second is the Delino's favorite movie of the year, Knocked Up (which I have not even seen yet). Apparently word of mouth spread from SoSG to the rest of the country, netting the film $30 million! If you've got 14 hours to kill, director Judd Apatow's Freaks and Geeks is out on DVD, looking for a good home. Rent it to hear Seth Rogen's original accent and see what James Franco does when not throwing pumpkin bombs.