Friday, June 15, 2007

If the Red Sox Jump Off a Cliff, I Guess the Dodgers Are Following

From Kevin Pearson at the Dodgers Blog (Diamond Leung's hangout):

This Ain't Boston!

Obviously stealing this from Boston -- the home of Dodgers owner Frank McCourt -- the Dodgers apparently have a new eighth-inning tradition.

The Red Sox always play Neil Diamond's Sweet Caroline in the middle of the eighth, and the Dodgers have no done so for consecutive games, first against the Mets on Wednesday and now against the Angels on Friday.

No telling if McCourt was the mastermind behind this -- a source says it may be another Boston person within the club -- but it's obvious this was not an original idea.

Maybe the Dodgers should stick to Van Morrison's Brown Eyed Girl, which includes a bouncing ball on the LA logo on the screen during the "La La La La La" section of that song.


Rob said...

No doubt the "makin' love in the green grass/behind the stadium with you" got Derek Lowe to unzip his uniform fly in the dugout. Hilarity ensues!

Anonymous said...

When they print the lyrics on the big screen at the stadium, they change it to "Having fun in the green grass"