Monday, June 25, 2007

Dodgers Outfielder Mentioned for Statistical Fluke

When you think "hit machine," there is one Dodgers outfielder who would not come to mind. (It might jog one's memory if the term was "slap-hitting machine", "out machine", or "why the f' is he hitting fly balls to try and get on base machine". Or "penguin-armed". But I digress.)

Jayson Stark's blog, however, cited Dodger Juan Pierre, who is in the record books for one of his unusual hitting performances:

Dustin Pedroia had a five-hit game for the Red Sox last weekend. So what was so unusual about that (aside from the fact that, at one point in April, Pedroia got five hits in three weeks)? Well, as loyal reader Revo Somersille observed, Pedroia got more hits that night than all his teammates combined. (The rest of them went 4 for 28.) So who's the last man to have a five-hit game and get more hits than the rest of the roster? According to the fabulous Play Index, it was Juan Pierre, on May 8, 2005, in a really bizarre Marlins-Rockies game in which the rest of the guys in his starting lineup got just one hit (but the bench crew got three more).


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