Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Curse Of The Mingling Sons

As SoSG Dusty chronicled yesterday, May 14, 2015 was the first game in which two Sons not only mingled at the game, but also may have made sweet sweet love. And, after going an amazing 11-0 this season, that game marked the end of the Sons' undefeated attendance streak in 2015.

It also marked the rare game where the Dodgers scored 4+ runs and lost the game, not to mention an end to the Rockies' 11-game loss streak. And, it was rainy as all get out. But leave weather aside, sports fans: us Sons have diligently been trying to understand the true meaning of this event, sort of like Nicolas Cage in National Treasure. (Except with less overacting.)

From our super-secret What's App message stream:

SoSG Nomo: Is this the first game where [SoSG Dusty] and SoSG AC mingled? Maybe we should have kept you guys apart.

SoSG Dusty: True. I also hung out with [name redacted; not a Son] as well, so he takes some blame.

SoSG AC: And I also saw Rudy Tomjanovich and he's really tall so he gets most of the blame. (true story, btw)

SoSG Nomo: Yeah, I can't figure out the exact science of it, but Son-canoodling seems to increase the chances of a loss. We hung out at the Jackie Robinson game, which was a win, but you were incognito as [identity redacted].... My theory applies to the Stadium (blogger nights seem immune).

SoSG Dusty: The science seems pretty sound on this theory.

SoSG Orel: But Sax and AC were at the two Australia wins last year!

SoSG Dusty: But they were below the equator so everything is opposite. Duh.

SoSG Orel: (slaps forehead)

We've sent this theory to ESPN Stats, the Hardy Boys, and Encyclopedia Brown for further investigation, but SoSG Nomo's theory looks pretty solid at first glance. Until further notice, Sons are not allowed to meet at the Stadium during a game. Or at least, not make sweet sweet love in the aisle.


Fred's Brim said...

Can they meet before a game? Can they make sweet sweet love in the parking lot before the game?

Dusty Baker said...

It was on the top of the steps, not the aisle!

Dusty Baker said...

@FB -No, there is no tailgating at Dodger Stadium, if you know what I mean.