Monday, May 25, 2015

Post-Game 43 Thread: Extra-Crispy Curly Frias


With the series already wrapped up, the Dodgers let Carlos Frias take the mound today and get absolutely shellacked. A first-inning grand slam by yesterday's defensive bungler Justin Upton left Frias dazed, but Dodgers manager Don Mattingly made sure Frias was completely cooked extra crispy before hooking him after four innings, 12 hits, and 10 ER later. Frias saw his ERA more than double to 5.34; the radio broadcast had Rick Monday note that Frias was still giving his all in backing up plays during the parade of hits that drubbed the Dodgers to death. So that's good, I suppose.

Mattingly went on the record later and said Frias' job was not in jeopardy. Then I'm sure he went straight to Andrew Friedman's office and begged for another starter, so that we could build upon our second-best record in the NL. Keeping with the food theme, a little Cole slaw, perhaps?

You know what else was good about today? The Giants lost by an even wider margin, downed by Colorado 11-2. Tim Hudson didn't even last as long as Frias, and Hudson's ERA is now in the same neighborhood at 5.04! So the Dodgers' NL West lead remains at two full games. Ha ha ha ha ha!

photo, and accompanying recipe, swiped from here