Sunday, May 03, 2015

Post-Game 24 Thread: Lucky 13, Yet Again

Yet another Lucky 13 bar (see links below)


The 13th inning usually wouldn't be thought of as "lucky" (at least, most of the time). But after watching an unexpected pitching duel between two Andersons, and then wasting opportunities in the ninth and tenth innings (more on that later), the Dodgers prevailed in the 13th, again off of some pretty fortunate--dare I say, "lucky"--plays.

Not that the Dodgers deserved luck here, after serving to anger the baseball gods earlier in the game. A one-out double by Howie Kendrick in the bottom of the ninth would have been great...if Kendrick hadn't have tried to stretch for three when Mark Trumbo bobbled the ball, quickly recovering to start the relay that threw Kendrick out at third. Then in the tenth, Andre Ethier opens the frame with a double, but Don Mattingly inexplicably tells Juan Uribe to bunt (before Uribe swings and misses on a slider), and Scott Van Slyke and Joc Pederson fail to score the run.

In the 13th, the Dodgers got two strokes of fate. In the top of the frame Cliff Pennington had Jordan Pacheco at third base with two out. J.P. Howell's pitch was wild and he raced home while Yasmani Grandal went to retrieve the ball; Grandal's throw met a sliding Howell at the plate while Howell made an amazing no-look, behind-the-back tag to nail Pacheco and end the inning. Grandal promptly came up to leadoff the bottom of the 13th and hit a walkoff HR to end the game.

[Man, I wish was better at letting people embed videos (see links above). Watching Ethier try and dance at home plate is hysterical. Take a look at the end of the video, at the catch in the bleachers as well; nice grab, dude!]

Dodgers sweep the Snakes and stay three up on the Padres. LA has won four in a row and has the second-best record in the National League. Now let's go get some Milwaukee, that is.

UPDATE (5/5 12.55p): Thanks,'s Earl Bloom, for riffing on our headline.


karen said...

@Dusty from GT...Dre may only be half white but that's the half where his dancing DNA is. It brings back memories of Mark Madsen on the steps at city hall. Good times, good memories. And guess what...I think I like Dre again. He showed us the goof ball in him and I love that.