Thursday, May 07, 2015

Reduce Ryu's Recycle

Hat tip to SoSG Orel for the headline.

It's difficult news for Hyun-Jin Ryu, whose attempts to come back from a shoulder issue have been setback by a recurring injury:

MILWAUKEE -- Don Mattingly wouldn't use the word setback, but clearly Hyun-Jin Ryu's rehab from a left shoulder impingement has hit a snag.

"They've slowed him down a little bit," the Dodgers manager said of his No. 3 starter, who was suddenly scratched from making this trip after lack of velocity during a Friday bullpen session sent up a cautionary flag.

Ryu was shut down near the end of Spring Training in hopes of calming the inflammation that sidelined him twice last year, but there now are signs that the injury is more severe.

"You're always concerned with a starter," Mattingly said. "From the standpoint that they've slowed him down at all, you think about it a little bit. But I haven't had a major sign that I should be really concerned."

Take a rest, Hyun-Jin. We will need you (and your 14 wins / season!) back healthy, and if that means the second half of this season, so be it. Take it easy!


karen said...

Well, if Donnie says not to worry...