Monday, August 05, 2013

Vin Scully, on Perspective

Vin Scully, from Wednesday's telecast of the game against the Yankees:

I've been trying to think, since really there's nothing going on except a lot of outs, something that you might get a kick of.

There goes Soriano.

In 1963, Game Three of the four-game series with the Yankees was played at Dodger Stadium. The Dodgers got a run in the first inning and won that game one to nothing. One run, four hits. The Yankees no runs, three hits.

The winning pitcher was Don Drysdale, and the loser, for the heartbreak, was Jim Bouton of the Yankees.

After that game, a group of us went to a restaurant owned by a friend of ours to celebrate a bit. And oh, we had Leo Durocher, and, whole bunch of people, maybe twenty of us.

And a man came over to the table, and he had one of those rubber fright masks on. Looked like some monster.

And I remember vividly saying to the fellow, "Oh don't worry, Ralph" — meaning Ralph Houk — "you have a shot tomorrow."

And everybody laughed. And the guy pulled off the rubber mask.

It was Jim Bouton, who had just lost the game one to nothing.

So there are those who would pout and kick and scream, and there are others who would take it right in stride, and one of them was Jim Bouton.

Oh and two the count to Soriano....