Monday, August 26, 2013

Can't We All Get Along

Isn't it strange that if you have Time Warner Cable, the only way to see CBS and KCAL channel 2 or 9 is actually AT Dodger stadium during a game?  Its sad that the two companies can't get their act together and settle on a deal while their companies are both prominently displayed at the park. 

Picture from last night's game vs Boston. 


Orrin said...

I used to live in NoHo and watched Dodger games on KCAL9 from over the air signal - much better than paying to see the game- or in this case paying to not see there game. :-)

MR.F said...

Sucks about Matt Harvey. Obviously, it is Bochy's fault for starting him in the All-Star game instead of Kershaw.

Voicedude said...

I noticed this at Friday’s game: BOTH were sponsoring ads, & the Dodgers have no problem taking it either!

The ultimate in Irony and/or Corporate Greed is this:
We ALL know CBS will capitulate by mid-September as there are far too many NFL dollars to lose and there’s a new season of shows. So they HAVE to be back on then since they have NO choice! CBS knows it. Time Warner knows it. Heck, we ALL know it! So... WHY CONTINUE?!? It’s a lose/lose/lose right now.

BOTTOM LINE: ...they should settle YESTERDAY!