Monday, August 12, 2013

Giants Fans Demonstrate Racist, Classless Behavior

There's ways to depict frustration about losing a series at home, capping a 3-4 homestand which saw your home team drop to 15 games back in the division, 13 games under .500. And there's the Giants, who sink to racist taunts while being demoralized in defeat:

Jones, who is black, said somebody threw a "banana towards my direction" in the ninth inning of Baltimore's 10-2 victory against the San Francisco Giants.

Bananas have been used, time immemorial, in racist depictions of blacks as being subhuman. In 2011, a white fan threw a banana peel at NHL player Wayne Simmonds, who is black, during a game in London, Ont. Canada.

Worse than graffiti, what happened to Simmonds and Jones is tantamount to being spat upon, with an added insult of racism. In 2013, such behavior cannot be tolerated.

Meanwhile, despite this blowing up on national media outlets, the Giants' representative said "he hadn’t heard any in-house radio calls about the alleged incident". Yeah, so that makes it okay.

The Giants are allegedly investigating surveillance footage. Hope their cameras aren't obscured by shit.


Hideo Nomo said...

That is fucked up.

On the other hand, the "Hanley calling Uribe a monkey" meme has progressed to the point that Dodger Stadium plays a clip of King Kong every time he gets a hit. And Puig says they give him bananas too.

Life is weird sometimes.

Dusty Baker said...

Yeah the King Kong thing made me uncomfortable when I first heard about it. I also am leery of the practice whereby they play Psy when Ryu is pitching and other similar plays on his ethnicity/country of origin. Like if I were a player, would they play off a Plymouth/Pilgrim theme?

Hideo Nomo said...

@Dusty: Like this?

Hideo Nomo said...

Yeah, they Ryu/Psy thing has officially crossed into bullshit territory.

spank said...

No one uses common sense. It's true people are ultra sensitive these days about race but shit man why even walk that fine line of hate.