Saturday, August 31, 2013

We Lost to F'ing BUTTER: An LA Weekly Web Awards Adventure

What did I learn in my hipster night representing the World's greatest Sports Blog at the LA Weekly Web Awards?

For one, the LA Weekly Web Awards has more nominees than the Adult Video News. (I'd put a tag for the latter, but don't want to infect all your computers and Palm Treos.) Which meant for one glorious night, the Sons got to share the spotlight with...

The party was hopping, more than earning its weight in babysitter rates.

We got a take home bag, which included some high end hangover relief

Thanks to an open bar, top notch appetizers, groovy people and sponsorship from KINKY LIQUORS,

I'm not sure I noticed when we lost to a Butter Product.

Oh wait, yeah I did.

Groin swelling aside, the LA Weekly Web Awards Party made me feel far hipper than my usual nights of Amish shows and Beefaroni. Thanks to Diamond and the whole staff for including the Sons of Steve Garvey. If we're lucky enough to get nominated again, the rest of the LA Sports Blogs best watch their backs.

ADDENDUM: Did I mention I finally put those 200 Delino DeShields cards to use? Say hello to my new business card. Only cost me $5 for 200!

UPDATE 10:07a (Sax): Here's the list of winners (best sports blog at the top).


Dusty Baker said...

Expecting a full review of NoHo hangover defense.

It's called NoHo but that woman on the advert sure looks like one to me.

Fred's Brim said...

Nice work, D! I hope their bar tab made them regret nominating SOSG

Delino DeShields, Sr said...

I took the "Just give me something with colors" approach. Which might be why I woke up in Brazil.

Dusty Baker said...

Thanks for reppin' big D. I'm sure you did us whatever the opposite of proud is, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Delino DeShields, Sr said...

"What's the opposite of shame?"
"No, not that..."
"Less shame?"

BJ Killeen said...

That butter blog SUCKS! Where are the snarky photos? Where are the swear words? Where are the catchy titles? This was a setup. It ain't even basketball season. Clearly this was a matter of asking friends to vote for the site....oh, need friends...okay. Nevermind.