Monday, August 12, 2013

Signs Of The Apocalypse: Slappy McPopUp Nearing DiMaggio

Unbelievable: former Dodger Juan Pierre has almost as many hits as Joe DiMaggio and Willie McCovey:

Pierre's pinch-hit double on Friday night against the Braves at Turner Field was career hit No. 2,209 for the veteran, who ranks 178th overall.

With one more hit, Pierre will match Willie Randolph (2,210) for 177th. McCovey sits in 176th place (2,211), followed by Joe Kuhel (2,212). Sitting in the No. 174 spot is DiMaggio, with 2,214 hits.

So Pierre is five shy of matching the Yankee Clipper.

"You think of Joe DiMaggio, Willie McCovey," Pierre said, "I feel my name should be nowhere close to them. I guess it is pretty cool, but I wasn't aware of it until like a week ago. It's pretty cool."

Pierre broke into the league in 2000 with the Rockies, and he's now in his second stint with the Marlins. He set the single-season hits mark with 221 in 2004.

A speedster with little power, Pierre's game has always been to single or bunt his way on base. Because he isn't a home-run threat, pitchers regularly go right after him, rather than risk issuing a walk.

"In order for me to get on base, I'd have to get hits," Pierre said. "That's what I had to do in my career. Then, batting leadoff, it gives you a lot of opportunities to get hits or make outs. It was one or the other."

Oh yes it was, Juan. In Los Angeles, it was definitely more of "the other".