Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Donnie Optimistic Over Ramirez

No official word on Hanley Ramirez, two days later. But Don Mattingly is optimistic:

Mattingly said he talked to Ramirez, who jammed his right shoulder when he tumbled into the stands after a catch Sunday against the Cubs, and Ramirez said he thought he could be back within the week.

"He had a similar injury in the Dominican and was hitting within four days," Mattingly said. "He feels like this is less than that. His movement is a lot more today than it was yesterday, and we'll probably know more by the end of the day when he's done with treatment and things like that."

Dodgers president Stan Kasten told Mattingly he wanted to wait 24 hours before Ramirez had an MRI because it would cause more discomfort now and set him back a few days. The Dodgers will see how Ramirez is feeling Tuesday and see whether an MRI is even needed.

"I think it's bruised right now," Mattingly said. "We're trying to wait 24 hours and then we'll see. We're fairly optimistic."

Sax here is decidedly less optimistic. But we'll see.


Fred's Brim said...

Donnie seems to undersell (or misread) injuries. I hope he's right about this one. And I hope it's not something that nags at Hanley for the rest of the season, even though he can technically play

Paul said...

Even if he feels better. I say keep him out until they get back to LA. Swelling can hide other issues.

Steve Sax said...

To be fair, there are times when swelling doesn't hide any other issues.

Cliff Beefpile said...

I'm swelling right now.

Cliff Beefpile said...

They let Kemp diagnose his own shoulder injury and look what it got them. Get his ass in that MRI machine, Donnie, and be sure of what you're dealing with!