Monday, August 05, 2013

Check Out The Big Brain On Ned

Not sure how I missed this before the weekend, but Dodgers GM Ned Colletti snagged an "A" grade from's Jim Bowden, grading the GMs at the trade deadline (link insider only)

Ned Colletti, Los Angeles Dodgers Grade: A

The Dodgers gave up a bunch of second-tier prospects to get Ricky Nolasco while keeping all of their top guys. Their willingness to take on the rest of Nolasco's 2013 salary was key, and that's a luxury they enjoy. They also took a flier by signing Brian Wilson, and he could end up being their closer by the end of the year.

Kevin Towers of the Diamondbacks got a B-, Dan O'Dowd of the Rockies got a C+, Josh Byrnes of the Padres got a B (for picking up Ian Kennedy), and Brian Sabean of the Giants got a C+ for not doing anything at the deadline, in the hopes of re-signing Hunter Pence, Javier Lopez, and possibly Tim Lincecum.

Other GMs to get an A grade included the Orioles' Dan Duquette, the Red Sox' Ben Cherington, the Cubs' Jed Hoyer, and the Rangers' Jon Daniels. No one got an A+.