Thursday, April 05, 2012

Opening Day Mania!

Great infographic from infographic world via about various Opening Day statistics. The picture below is one excerpt in a very, very tall graphic (which won't fully paste in). The Dodgers have a .516 winning percentage on Opening Day; the Padres are at .465. I wish they had done the home / road split, however:

Also of note in the graphic:

  • Jackie Robinson's momentous 1947 Opening Day merits a shoutout on the timeline;
  • Don Drysdale's second Opening Day homer in 1959 also gets pub, as it makes Drysdale the only pitcher to have two Opening Day HRs;
  • Ken Landreaux and Raul Mondesi are some of the players tied for second in "Most RBI on Opening Day", with 6;
  • The Dodgers' 1983 opener, a 16-7 win over the Astros, was one of the games with the most runs on Opening Day;
  • There's something else in there about the Giants getting some lucky breaks over the Brooklyn Dodgers in the early 1900s, but the data was unclear.

Enjoy! Get fired up; T-minus 10 hours and counting to real Dodger baseball!


Wicks said...

I have asked this on here but I have forgotten, what LA Sports stations can I find on the net that talk Dodgers on a regular basis?

I think we have a good chance this year. I like the pitching staff, the key is getting production from Loney, Rivera and Uribe.

Wicks said...
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Hideo Nomo said...

Wicks, now that AM570 is the Dodger flagship, you could probably expect more Dodger discussion. No one really talks Dodgers with any regularity, though.

Dusty Baker said...

570 is making a big Dodgers push now that they are the flagship, so as Nomo said, hopefully there will be more Dodger focus. They have been heavily advertising the Dodger broadcasts, so it's gotta be on their minds.