Tuesday, April 10, 2012

LA Times: "For Vin Scully, the view from Dodger Stadium never gets old"

Mad props to Dylan Hernandez for the great piece on Vin Scully, a perfect set-up for Opening Day in Blue Heaven on Earth.

Vin, on the view:
"I've said it so many times that it probably wears people out. But there are those summer evenings when you're looking out and you remember the words, 'purple mountains' majesty.' You see that and you think, 'There isn't anything like this in all of baseball.' Oh, yeah, the sense of beauty is still there, for sure."
The view never does get old to me. So in a few minutes I'm heading out to the beloved Yard to cheer our Boys in Blue, chat with a few Sons and SoSG constant, Paul, enjoy the game at the time it was meant by the Baseball Gods to be played, and, for a few hours, all will be right with the world.

This one's going out to Paul's pops, whom he lost during the off-season, and to my pops, who introduced me to this view that never gets old.

Play ball!!!

Image courtesy of the Los Angeles Dodgers


Steve Sax said...

Paul, great meeting you today at the game. This Opening Day victory goes to your dad.

Dusty Baker said...

Good to see you again, Paul! Thanks for the great chat. Let us know when you'll be back down again.

Readers: We made sweet, sweet love right there on the Field Level concourse.