Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Frank McCourt, Don't Get Any Ideas

Unless of course you're picking up on the point that $2 cheap seats can be made available. But if Dodger Stadium tries to emulate the Toronto Blue Jays limits beer sales to one beer per concession trip, all hell would break loose.

First, Deadspin:

The problem is in the 500 level, the cheapest of the cheap seats. The nosebleeds are rarely utilized for Jays games, but every time they are, trouble starts. In 2008, $2 Tuesdays meant a full 500 level, and 100 ejections a night. In 2009 a disgruntled and intoxicated opening day crowd caused a delay when they bombarded the field with debris.

To avoid a repeat for tonight's home opener, concession stands on the 500 level will limit fans to one beer per purchase. If I know Torontonians, this will mean buying a beer, getting in the back of the line, then trying to chug the first one before you get to the register to buy another beer. Ad nauseam, perhaps.

Argh! Disaster! But wait, there's more, from The Toronto Globe and Mail:

The Jays typically sell out every seat in the 50,000-seat stadium on opening day, double what they get most games. While the lower bowls draw a relatively genteel crowd, there have been recurring problems when the upper decks fill up.

Fights breaking out among drunken fans have led to nosebleeds in the nosebleeds during the past few season openers. Toronto Police say there will be a stepped-up security presence inside and outside of the Rogers Centre. “There will be additional officers to ensure public safety,” said Constable Tony Vella.

And while most concession stands will keep their standard two-beers-per-customer rule, there “will be a limit of one beer per person per transaction on the 500 level,” said Blue Jays spokesman Jay Stenhouse.

The Jays have travelled this road before. In the 2008 season, beer sales were eventually banned in the cheap seats during the club’s $2-a-seat Tuesday promotion. Officials faulted the promotion for contributing to a “night club” mentality among young patrons, which at one point led to more than 100 ejections in a single game.

"Nosebleeds in the nosebleeds." That's pretty good.

Best behavior today, Dodger fans!

beer photo swiped from insidesocal.com


Dusty Baker said...

I might* have to stop giving Sax grief about half-priced beer now that he posted this.


Fred's Brim said...

Have fun at the game today, fellas!
I am nervous thinking about it. You guys must be bouncing around waiting all day for it

Dusty Baker said...

Thanks, FB! You're here in spirit.

Luckily it's so early, and the pre-game ceremonies start so early, that hell it's almost time to get over there.

Hideo Nomo said...

DB, there was already traffic around the stadium at 8:15. F'd up my commute something fierce.

Franklin Stubbs said...

I think it's half-priced CANADIAN beer that's the problem. If one were to order Bud Lights one beer at a time, even if you jumped immediately to the back of the line, you'd always be stone-cold sober by the time you got the front.