Monday, April 07, 2008

Bullpen Gnome Ineffective On the Road

From Diamond:

Also in the bullpen, rookie Ramon Troncoso has been made responsible for carrying a gnome wearing a Dodgers cap out to 'pen during games. The gnome was introduced to fit in with the new greenery that was put in the Dodger Stadium bullpen for this season. Now, according to Joe Beimel, it's the bullpen's good luck charm.

Not a bad idea, Joe. Now would someone get the lineup a good-luck gnome as well?


Scott Jeffries said...

I know the perfect good luck charm for the lineup:

Matt Kemp.

Steve Sax said...


That's funny, as I know the perfect good luck gnome for the dugout:

Juan Pierre. (He's about the same height, if you add the pointy cap.)