Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rocky Lives

As hard as it is to take your eyes off Andruw Jones's Battle for Mendoza Mediocrity and Nomar Garciaparra's keeping half of Cedars Sinai in the black, I recommend you shuffle over to TNT and the Vs. Network (which no longer just shows lower-tiered wrestling). There's some real tussling going on, in the never-ending basketball and hockey playoffs. The Lakers might have made Carmelo... mmm, Caramelo... look like me after a bender, but not every high-ranked team is having it so easy.

Something funny happened during the Celtics march to inevitability - they met a scrappy Atlanta Hawks squad that NOBODY knew had even made the playoffs. Suddenly, the series is tied 2-2, and Beantown's getting ready to dust off their "woe is me" kvetching.

Delino's not just proud of his sixth-ranked ass kicking Flyers. He's considering putting some money on them while in Vegas. Now if there was only a spread for "giving up two goal leads in under two minutes," the Flyers would be the most sure bet since the Black Sox.

If the Sixers win every game for the rest of the playoffs, they'll still barely be over .500. And yet they're demonstrating the resolve and never-say-die attitude of American Idol's Sanjaya. If Igoudala can hit more than one basket in a row, Philly might just stick around to Game 7.

Side note: I'm writing this while watching Classic Boxing on "Vs." Sugar Ray Leonard came out for his fight against Hearns to Michael Jackson's "Leave Me Alone." Oh my.