Thursday, April 10, 2008

Why Use One Word When 161 Will Do?

From Ned Colletti's chat at Inside the Dodgers:

Hi, Mr. Colletti. Thanks for taking the time to look through these. Quickly, I'm wondering if the opinion of the fans play into your decision making process. I understand that you have access to a wealth of resources and information that may not be available to the average Dodger fan and that you always try to act in the best interests of the team, but when a majority of knowledgeable Dodger fans come to a concensus about a particular situation, does that have any bearing on how you move forward?


Josh, I have great respect for the fans and have found that the Dodgers fans are very knowledgeable and follow the club very closely. While there are many times when it seems as if there is a fan consensus, that might not always be the case. And it is important to really sort through a multitude of different situations that sometimes force certain moves and roster changes. With the varying contract values, contract lengths, injury histories, no-trade clauses, player make-up queries, it's complicated and many times what seems obvious to a group of fans isn't entirely practical. And even if it is practical, most of the time there needs to be a second party (another team for a trade, a free agent player who wants to sign with a club, an agent's agenda in which they want to place a certain player with a particular club, etc.) that also sees the practicality of a situation in order to make a deal.

I'm thinking the answer could have gone like this:


Gracious of Ned to let Josh down easy, though.


Rob said...


"We're committed to our mistakes. Unlike you f*ckers."