Thursday, April 17, 2008

Andruw Jones Discovers Center of Gravity

...his center of gravity, that is. Witness Jones' comment to the P-E on the secret of his steadily-improving swing:

Talked to Dodgers OF Andruw Jones today and he said that he had made an adjustment in his swing that is helping him break out of his slump.

Jones said his upper body was not balanced correctly and ceneterd on his legs. After reviewing film, he said he made the adjustment which has helped him collect a few hits recently.

"I'm just trying to stay in between my legs," Jones said. "Sometimes you think you are comfortable and you actually are not."

I never got a 5 on my Physics AP test (I got a 4 on the mechanics part only; I never did the E&M one), and I seem to recall the gravitational forces on a slightly-askew body of mass will be increasingly prone to tipping over as the body of mass increases in weight. In other words, since Andrew has gotten heavier, it takes a much slighter adjustment to put him out of balance.

So it seems to me, he could either try harder to stay "between his legs" (as opposed to the right of is legs, I presume), or...