Friday, April 18, 2008

Yesterday's News, Today! aka How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love BLOGGER NIGHT

Finally, the Delino is breaking his vow of silence. After being alluded to as the "Other SoSG'er" by a site I will just call "the Other Dodger Blog," I am here with my own tarnished two cents on a fantastic evening.

The Dodgers Blogger Appreciation Night has already been covered by more legit sports bloggers than yours truly. So instead, I offer up lots of pretty pictures. (And an incredibly genuine thank you to all the organizers... as well as the mediocre talents of this season's American Idol, whose last second cancellation enabled us to take the suite in their place. Hope that car wash opening in Encino was worth it.) Please note - The SoSG guard their privacy like George Lucas protects the scripts for his newest lousy Star Wars retread. All faces have been replaced for the safety of the not so innocent.

Tom Petty once said "The Waiting is the Hardest Part." He also said "You're Jammin' Me." Both aptly describe the longest 10 minutes of our lives, as the distinguished gentlemen of SoSG were forced to wait for tickets like common vagrants. Surrounded by hipsters in leather ties and the world's slowest will call patron, the SoSG'ers grew impatient and let the boo birds fly. Finally, we got our tickets and showed up late to the suite, cutting down our time listening to Ned Colletti and admiring his kick-ass boots.

Bloggers have wives, children, and lives. Guess I should have known this based on the high percentage of non-virgins writing for SoSG (app 40 percent). I tried to convince Sax and Orel to start a Blogger rumble, but that idea quickly dissipated once we realized the suite had free hot dogs.

There's actually a transportation center (aka Throw Transport Down the Well, So My Parking May Be Free) An obscured Steve Sax expresses his appreciation for the center's diligence in taking months away from his life.

Tommy Lasorda has an outtie belly button. I'll keep that pic to myself, but his tight blue sweater left little to the imagination. Having grown up 3000 miles from this city, I always equated two people as THE Los Angeles Dodgers. Fernando Valenzuela, and Mr. Lasorda. Seeing him talk was my personal highlight of the night, if not the year (at least until my wife gives birth... or the season finale of Lost).

SoSG was the 60 Minutes of Blogger Night, if 60 Minutes accidentally started at 7:18pm. Led by the Wallace/Bradley duo of Sax and Orel, SoSG let the tough questions fly at Mr. McCourt. "Why do you seem to disappear from bad publicity." "What's with the autograph meshugas" "What are the Dodgers doing to recruit African American players" "What's your favorite Baseball Movie!?!" (Bull Durham. Never heard of it.) And Mr. McCourt answered every question with conviction. He even offered to invest in Delino's Sunset restaurant idea. (I'm thinking a Beard Papa's or Red Lobster). I was this close to asking Frank McCourt why 'Tis was such a letdown after Angela's Ashes. But fearing the wraith of Blue Blogger Nation (and not wanting to give Mr. McCourt an exit strategy), I kept the question under my hat.

Did I mention the free hot dogs?

Oh What a Night. I actually really hate that song. In fact, I forbade my wedding band from playing it, along with dozens of other crap 70s music. If you want my official "do not play" list for your own upcoming nuptials, just drop an email.


Orel said...

I must say, Sax has never looked better.

Steve Sax said...

Thanks Delino for guarding my privacy. I wouldn't want the world to know Steve Sax was really Billy Ashley.

Steve Sax said...

Nice Juliette Lewis reference, Delino.

Steve Sax said...

Sorry, also, for being so chicken about revealing my identity. I suppose I'm just yellow.

Orel said...

I've been feeling kind of blue myself.

karina said...

southern accent: "i believe in the church of baseball", every time i hear susan sarandon say that, i feel like "you had me at hello"

guys, glad you had such great time at blogger night!