Saturday, April 26, 2008

Injury Updates

From Tony Jackson:

Andruw left the game with a bruise and tightness in his left calf, Nomar left with a strained left calf. Nomar's injury sounds serious, which probably means Blake DeWitt is on his way back to the majors. He doesn't have to stay in the minors the minimum 10 days if Nomar goes on the DL.

From Kevin Pearson at Diamond's blog:

One thing to keep in mind when the Dodgers explore 3B options is that if Nomar Garciaparra does not go on the DL, Blake DeWitt can not be called up for 10 days after he was optioned down to the minors. If Garciaparra is a DL situation, DeWitt can come up right away.

Other options for the short-term if Garciaparra does not go on the DL but will be out for a few days could be Andy LaRoche, who is rehabbing in Class AA Jacksonville, or Ramon Martinez, who is in Class AAA Las Vegas after not making the club out of spring training.


Damon said...

Please not Ramon Martinez

Mike Scioscia's tragic illness said...

Kevin Pearson should pay more attention, Ramon Martinez did the same thing to his thumb last week that LaRoche did. He's not available.

karina said...

It could be Juan Gonzalez (the one who went to China). He's pretty decent with the glove, i've watched him playing.
Though i'd call Blake Dewitt as the first choice.

Rob said...

Why is this team constructed so there is no backup 3B?

Ned is not very smart.