Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dodgers Acknowledging Bloggers

Sax and I were at the Clippers game the other night. (No, this is not the start of a joke.) While watching A.I. and Carmelo destroy the home team, we discussed the idea of the Dodgers hosting a bloggers' box. Bloggers might not merit all-out press credentials, but it's at least worthy of consideration to offer a press-like area for inspired bloggers to post live during a game and get access to press releases and players for interviews. In fact, the New York Islanders are experimenting with this very idea, though we don't know of any blog-box experiments for a real sporting team.

Coincidentally, the next day our buddy Josh—er, the Dodgers' Vice President of Public Relations and Broadcasting Josh Rawitch—announced he is organizing a "blogger conference" at Friday night's game. In a suite. Yeah, boyee!

Naturally, our first reaction was to conduct a rigorous discussion regarding the ethical ramifications of accepting the team's offer of hospitality. Just kidding. Took us two seconds to RSVP yes. Then the questions started. Will we have to reveal our identities? Will the other bloggers make us sit at the kids' table? Should we blog about the night's experience? What will we wear?

Actually, with the flak we've been giving Frank McCourt since, well, our inception, it occurred to us this could be McCourt's Michael Corleone-esque way of dealing with bloggers:

Delino: I'm not worried about any Dodger vengeance. But did you guys find it weird that they're sending a car to pick us up at Crenshaw and 80th?

Or maybe Juan Pierre, the bane of many Dodger bloggers, would be waiting in the suite with a baseball bat. He might be able to chase us down on foot, we thought, but it was highly unlikely he'd be able to make contact with the bat. (Plus, he's supposed to be a pretty nice guy.)

Just to be safe, we thought: we're wearing masks!

Delino: Ideas for masks, to conceal our real identity:
  • Point Break - Presidents
  • Eyes Wide Shut - We wear masquerade ball masks, and NOTHING ELSE
  • Mask - The Eric Stoltz one
  • M.A.S.K - The cartoon one. Where they had powers based SOLELY on the masks they wore:

  • Friday the 13th Part Two - Gunney sacks (before Jason could afford the hockey mask)
  • Superman - Glasses! Nobody will be able to tell.
  • The Delino collection - Woody Allen, Rush Limbaugh, Monica Lewinsky, or the Howard Stern wig

But wait, masks won't be enough, not if we need to pick up our tickets at will call! Last I checked, my drivers license doesn't sport the word "Hershiser." Better get out that McLovin ID.

Anyway, tomorrow night, we are rolling the dice and graciously accepting the Dodgers' generous offer to enjoy a game in comfort. Will access to a Dodger suite grant us such luxuries (besides a player autograph, of course) that we become out of touch with the common Dodger fan? Will we come home with our integrity, sarcasm, and rapier wits intact? Will we come home at all? Stay tuned.

(Thanks to Sax for the post assist, and big thanks for Chris at for suggesting the blogger conference idea to Josh!)

not entirely irrelevant: Ricky Reilly, Billy Simmons, And The Follies Of Privileged Sportswriting (Deadspin)


Xeifrank said...

Which Dodger bloggers got invites?
vr, Xei

Chris said...

Looking forward to meeting you guys tonight! All of us at are big fans of the Sons of Steve Garvey.


Erin said...

You guys probably don't know who I am, but I'll be there, too. Looking forward to meeting you.


Delino DeShields, Sr said...

I'll be the one wearing a Mexican wrestling mask.

Shit, I just ruined my secret identity.

(Looking forward to it. Are we still allowed to boo pierre?)

Orel said...

Looking forward to meeting all of you! We can share basement decorating tips or something.

Celsius1414 said...

See y'all there!

(AKA Trolley Dodger)

Xeifrank said...

How did you guys get on the invite list? vr, Xei

ernest said...

I look forward to meeting all of you

Lasorda said...

Did we remember to send the robot SoSGs a la Dr. Doom?